Our Story


Hello and thank you for spending the time to learn about KING watch company.

Our company was started by Joseph F. Garcia, Jr. because of an article he read that truly moved him. It was about a business owner who was inspired to start his company because he was motivated to make a change in himself and his family's life.

Joseph too got inspired to do something after reading that. He thought to himself, "If he did it, why couldn't I?" That was the thought that set him on this path. Joseph really had to think about everything that he was passionate about. Joseph knew deep in him that he loved watches and thus, He made up his mind; He decided to build a watch company, The KING Watch Company.

Ever since Joseph was young, He has always had a fascination for watches, and he loves the feeling he gets when he wears one. Watches have always been a part of of his daily outfit; whether it is business or casual, Joseph knew that he had to wear a watch. As a young boy, Joseph would always peek into his grandfather's watch collection and wear some of his timepieces. Even though none of them fit at the time, Joseph knew that he wanted to wear one, and wearing it felt good. That's when Joseph knew that he had the love and passion for watches. Joseph figured it would take a lot of research, data and market analytics to build something like a watch company, and that he did.

Joseph decided to bring his ideas to light. First, Joseph brought the idea to his wife Wendy, (as any wise, married man would) and told her that it was his vision and goal to build this KING Watch Company. She, of course, knows how much Joseph loves watches and told him that she'd envisioned Joseph having a watch company one day. She gave Joseph her blessing, and that inspired him to move forward.

Today, our ultimate mission is to build KING Watch Company with honesty, integrity, and humility. We are inspired to bring you quality watches, which you will feel good owning and wearing. We offer watches anyone can afford while at the same time being confident that you just paid for a high-quality watch. That is the essence of KING Watch Company.

We are excited for you all to join us on this journey as we grow and deliver one of the best watches in the industry. I hope that you will enjoy our watches and that they will be a blessing to you for years to come.


Joseph Garcia, Jr. | Creator and Visionary of KING Watch Company